Why use cold formed steel framing?

Steel is one of the most durable and versatile of building materials in modern construction. Steel will not decay inside the wall cavity, nor is it subject to mold or vermin damage by insects and rodents. Unlike wood framing materials, moisture content is not a consideration with newly purchased steel.

Steel is 100% recyclable without any degradation in material properties. Minimal leftover materials on jobsite are easily recycled or used on the next project.

Steel framing members have a high strength to weight ratio. Due to low self-weight per unit length and the strength of steel allows for larger spans, bigger open spaces. By increasing the gauge of the steel in floor joists, the strength and span can be increased dramatically compared to wood framing.

Steel is non-combustible and does not contribute fuel in case of fire unlike other framing materials. Steel is inherit and does not emit fumes, gases, vapours or support the potential growth of molds and fungi.

Steel prices have remained relatively stable while lumber prices have increased dramatically over the last few years in North America and some contractors find steel price stability to be attractive when making a material choice.

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