At Fort Steel Framing we invite you to limitless possibilities for your custom dream home. With over 25years experience in the industry we can help you design an eco-friendly structure with all the advances of a high rise building.

Steel framing is straight, stable and delivers dimensional accuracy, enabling consistently straight walls, square corners and an overall superior finish. This exactness helps follow-on trades fit internal linings, doors, stairs cases, flooring, tiles, and cabinets. As steel is an inorganic material, it is not affected by pests such as termites, ants and wood boring beetles, which are notoriously problematic for timber framed structures. The stability of steel means no contraction or expansion with moisture changes, so frames won’t bend, warp, twist or shrink. Building owners will enjoy straight walls, square corners and smooth flush surfaces for the entire life of the building.

All structure designs are easily adapted to steel framing systems, from traditional Victorian house to contemporary structures. The options are endless.

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