All begins with initial architectural drawings and floor layouts. We work closely with highly qualified structural engineers/architects in order to convert traditional framing with cold steel structure. Load bearing supports, floor layouts, window/ door openings, roof trusses are all re-calculated in order to meet and exceed all building codes in appropriate jurisdiction.

Once revised drawings are finalized and submitted by the structural engineer, we prepare detailed shop drawings ready for fabrication. The drawings are analyzed with state of the art software to create a detailed cutting list of all the steel members. We create a detailed layout for all the steel frame panels needed, in order to be more efficient for fabrication, shipping and final installation on site.


Production starts as soon as the required timelines are agreed with the builder/ developer. Depending on the complexity of the project we allocate the needed time frames spot. Once all the steel members are cut to desired specs, then they are assembled in the final panel forms ready for shipping. A 3 point thorough inspection is performed to all members in order to check appropriate sizes, gauge, and forms as designed per shop drawings.

Prior to shipping, a site visit is conducted to assure the conditions are ready for the steel framing to be delivered. Depending on the complexity of the project and site allowance, we arrange with builder/ developers the sequence of delivery and installation. We always aim for immediate installation once the steel framing panels have been delivered.

Upon completion of the final members of the steel framing, a comprehensive examination is performed in order to assure client satisfaction and building inspector’s requests.

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