Light Gauge Steel Framing

Light gauge steel framing is an innovative construction-based technology involving prefabricating certain structural or non-structural members of buildings or other structures. Shortly known as LGSF technology, it involves using high-end galvanized steel members to construct the framework of different types of structures. Its application can be found in walls of load-bearing or non-load-bearing functions, in partitions, ground slabs, and roofing frames.

Its high tensile strength and lightweight properties result from its manufacturing process, which involves the application of heat through a cold-forming technique.


Components of Light Gauge Steel Frame Structures

Wall Panels

Whether it is load-bearing or non-load-bearing wall, LGSF can be used as the primary framing provision in both internal and external walls. After installation, the wall can be clad with gypsum boards, fiber cement sheets, and other screening materials.

Wall Cladding

Due to its lightweight profile, Construction members built with LGSF can be cladded with suitable materials. They can slot seamlessly into its space provisions, whether polystyrene, fiberglass, or gypsum board.

Flooring Systems

Floor joists built from C-section steel members or other steel-based flooring frames can be used to support floors. They can be used with floorboards, masonry slabs, or other flooring materials.

Roof Systems

Whether you’re using gables, hips, tiles, steel, or other roofing materials, LGS frames can be incorporated into the roofing arrangements. They can be directly screwed into the walls below them and transfer the roof loads. Light Gauge Steel framing can be used for all different types of roofing, sloped, A frame, flat. It is a great system for more complex roof designs/ applications.

Other notable mentions include the connectors (screws, bolts, and other fasteners), foundations, wall openings, etc. 

Advantages of Light Gauge Steel Framing System

The following are some of the most popular advantages of using Light Gauge Steel frames in construction activities.

Build ability
Light gauge steel products can be prefabricated away from the construction site. This reduces the frequency of wastages and health hazards arising from on-site handling and material modifications.

Light gauge steel frames are fabricated according to customer specifications, so the dimensions are mostly accurate. This cuts back on the time that builders spend trying to make adjustments to the material dimensions of the steel frame members.

Steel products have impressive endurance properties. This makes for frames built with light gauge steel to be reasonably secured against the damaging actions of fires, tremors, and other natural or human-caused destructive incidents.

Design Flexibility
The impressive strength property of light gauge steel enables it to be used in various applications. Its application areas are pretty extensive, from internal and external walls of load-bearing or non-load-bearing utilities to roofing members and floor slabs.

Ease of Handling
Due to its lightweight structure, light gauge steel frames can be handled on-site with greater ease. And when they need to be raised over massive heights, small lifting equipment can be used to hoist them to the required heights by hooking them to their members.

Fire Resistance
A light gauge steel frame has impressive fire resistance properties in and of itself. And when clad with extra drywall or cladded with fire-rated materials, light-gauge steel-framed walls can perform creditably well under sustained fire exposure.

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