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At Fort Steel Framing we believe in a future where we are not required to cut down precious lumber in order to create an ever growing demand for housing. Each year over 900 million (2.47 million/daily) trees are cut down with highest portion being used in construction. If we continue at this rate, the effects in deforestation and damages in our planet will be irreparable for generations to come. 

We are driven to change the existing mindset in Canada and North America, how we design and build new more environmentally friendly steel structures. The future of construction will be greener, lower emissions, more durable, less wasteful and faster to build. As we see the switch in E.V. in our transportation, time has come to make the switch in more efficient and eco-friendly construction.
We invite you to join us on this new mission to change how we design, build and live in a planet worth preserving.

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