For many builders, constructing partition walls in their houses or basements can be tricky. Many builders use steel-stud framing because it is easy to work with and does not produce sawdust.

On the flip side, steel studs at the doorway opening are prone to twisting when unlocked and closed. This problem is usually corrected by wood bucking and plugging every side of the door.

For builders and homeowners who wish to install a wood door in a steel frame but do not know how to go about it, here are a few easy steps that are bound to produce the required result. These techniques are not complicated and can be accomplished by everyone with some rudimentary home-building skills.

However, it should be noted that, like most methods, adding wood doors to steel framing has its advantages and weak points.

Homeowners who wish to use this technique will have to assess the pros and cons of this construction technique to be sure it is worth their time and effort. Here are some tips for installing a wood door in a steel frame.

Buckling and blocking

This procedure is the first phase when installing a wood door in a steel frame. Homeowners will have to assess the extent of the distance from the footing to the floor of the heading that runs across the door opening with a measuring tape. Next, two chunks of one-by-two pine or framing wood should be cut to length as bucking utilizing a handsaw.

The next step is to put one slab of bucking in the shaft at the end, or outer side, of a stud at one flank of the opening and fixed against the tunnel. Homeowners must protect the upper and lower areas of the chunk at the pillar with C-clamps.

After this process, other minor steps will also be carried out by homeowners. These steps are easy and self-explanatory.

Prehung Wood Door

Homeowners will have to define which path they would like the door to swing open when installed. The prehung door should be placed at one unit side of the door opening with the containers of the hinges overlooking the direction in which the door swings open. Also, the provisional stops that prevent the door from swiveling on the hinges should not be removed.

Homeowners should work from the different sides of the unit, the push side of the door, and match the component into the doorway.

Also, the jamb at the hinged side of the team should be nudged against the exterior of the steel stud at that side of the door. After this procedure, the next area to look into is the walls. For drywall, homeowners should alter the straight alignment of the jamb, so the size from the outer horizon to the ledge of the stud is 5/8 inches from top to bottom. For the dressing, the frame’s border should be seven to eight inches from the tunnel’s perimeter.

These are vital techniques to utilize when installing a wood door to a steel frame. There are various other methods and ways that can also be used to install wood doors in a steel frame.

In conclusion,

Steel framing is a very effective method of construction. The price range is also affordable. Potential builders and homeowners who wish to install a wood door to their steel frames should have no problems with steel frames.